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Ella Fairon and Delaney Henderson. (screen grab via Youtube)

‘Rape culture’

High school sexual assault victims launch project to teach young students about consent

By WITW Staff on March 22, 2016

When Delaney Henderson, Ella Fairon, Daisy Coleman, and Jada Smith met for the first time in Washington, D.C., they realized they had more in common than the initial thread that connected them, that all four had been the victims of sexual assault during their high school years. The four girls had all been thrust into the spotlight as they tried to get justice in their cases, and wanted to take their experiences and make something positive out of them. Together, they created Safe BAE, a project that aims to educate young students about consent, sexual harassment and assault, and their rights.

“People just kind of want to ignore that sexual assault is actually happening [in high school] and pretend in their little fantasy world that it’s not a thing,” Coleman told The Huffington Post. “I want to at least change some people’s mindset about rape culture and make them somewhat less blind to how real it is this day and age.”

The effort, sponsored by the group Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), will focus on educating both girls and boys about the issues around sexual assault in both middle schools and high schools. Students will be able to set up Safe BAE Squads to lead the efforts at their schools, and will receive materials including information about Title IX rights to disseminate to their schools.

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