"Saudi Arabia Uncovered"

Documentary reveals brutal nation where women are beheaded in the street

(Screen grab via Youtube)

A new documentary that airs Tuesday in Britain and on March 29 in the U.S., Saudi Arabia Uncovered, employs covertly-shot footage and accounts from an underground network of young activists to expose the brutality of life in Saudi Arabia. Shocking scenes include a woman, accused of murdering her stepdaughter, being beheaded by a policeman by the side of the road as she screams “I didn’t do it!” In another scene, a woman is violently slammed to the floor by a man in a supermarket. The bodies of alleged thieves, hanged from cranes in the street, are looked upon by children who rushed to observe the public spectacle. So frequent are the public executions in central Riyadh’s large public space, it has been nicknamed “Chop Chop Square.”

The film’s creators describe it as “[going] undercover to reveal the hidden reality inside one of the world’s most secretive and strict Islamic regimes.” Senior British and U.S. officials were also interviewed for the documentary about whether it is time for the U.K. government to reassess its relationship with Saudi Arabia on the basis of the kingdom’s notorious human rights abuses.

A woman in Saudi Arabia, moments before being pushed to the floor in a supermarket in February 2016. (Hardcash Productions/ITV)

A woman in Saudi Arabia, moments before being pushed violently to the floor in a supermarket, February, 2016. (Hardcash Productions/ITV)

Read the full story at The International Business Times.


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