Women in prison

Female inmates document life behind bars in their own zine, “Tenacious”

A group of “tenacious” women who wanted to tell their stories about life behind bars in an Oregon prison have launched a literary “zine” that is now delivered to women’s prisons across the country, including Alaska. The zine, Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison, is about to ship its 36th issue nationwide and is filled with the first-person stories of female inmates. The journal was started in 2003 by a group of prisoners in Oregon who partnered with a prison critic and writer, Victoria Law, to help shepherd the zine to publication. Law continues to serve as publisher.

“Tenacious allows the women to tell their stories in their own voices; it’s not me,” Law told Broadly. “It is a way to connect. They see it is not just them and it is not just their specific prison, but it is a systematic problem.”

Law said that the zine helps women feel that their stories are being heard amid the ongoing national conversation about criminal justice reform that has so often focused on men.

Read the full story at Broadly.

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