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Turning the tables

Male comedian gets insight into online dating as a woman

March 18, 2016

British comedian Sy Thomas wasn’t having a lot of success on online dating apps as a man, so he got a makeover and decided to try as a woman, to see how other men approached the exercise. “I am much more popular as a woman, it turns out,” said Thomas. And after 3 days, and over 400 messages, Thomas felt he was able to get some insight into how a man should best approach a woman online, but also into how unpleasant the online dating experience can be for women. While a large number of men opted for lewd pickup lines such as, “Are you a cigarette? Because you’re smoking hot and I want to put your butt in my mouth,” Thomas says that more sincere messages had more of an impact on him personally. “A lot of these messages, you’d never say that to someone in a bar,” says Thomas. “The best messages were the ones which were genuine and nice, and those were the ones that hit home.”

Watch the video on YouTube. Warning: Some of the language is graphic.