"Women kill gods"

Live action role-playing sets the scene for gender equality

(photo by Beth Dooner via Ladies Who LARP/Tumblr)

Live action role-playing, also known as LARPing, is often thought of as an activity for geeky males with homemade armor. But female players say that LARPing, due to its dependence on experience, knowledge, and talent, is in fact slowly turning into a platform for gender equality. “I’ve seen women kill gods, bring down heroes, doom the word, save the world,” says Katie Logan, creator of the online community Ladies Who LARP. LARPing has been one of the fastest growing hobbies in the U.K. over the past decade, with regular events up and down the country that range from dystopian Mad Max-style battles to medieval Arthurian sieges.

Natalie, 27, is now the lead warrior in her LARPing faction after her character, a knight, recently won a fighting competition. She says the gender split in combat is roughly 70-30, but that “the gender split … is getting better all the time.” Players say the hobby is also inclusive for the gender-fluid and those who want to experiment with traditionally male or female tropes — men can dress as women, and women as men. And while a game may contain uncomfortable topics such as torture and rape, a ‘lines and veils’ practice is often put into place, allowing players to outline boundaries and subjects they don’t want to be involved with when they play.

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