Why women in China are taking selfies standing behind a sheet of white paper


Late last year, we reported on a phenomenon that swept social media in China known as the “reverse breast touch.” The basic idea was that women posted selfies of themselves reaching their arms behind their backs and around to grab their own breasts. Pulling off the feat demonstrated their slenderness and flexibility. Well, the reverse breast touch is so December 2015 because now a new craze is burning up social media in China. It’s called the “A4 waist challenge.” This social media phenomenon is much more straightforward. Women are simply snapping photos of themselves standing behind a white sheet of paper that they’re holding in outstretched arms in front of them. Why a white sheet of paper, you ask? Well, first, the technical classification of of a standard white sheet of paper is an A4, and its width is eight inches. Standing behind a piece of A4 piece that fully obscures her waist demonstrates how slender one’s midriff is — hence why it’s going viral on Weibo, a social media platform there that’s comparable to Twitter. Since the A4 waist challenge exploded onto the social media scene in February, more than one million photos have been posted on Weibo with the hashtag #A4waist. The viral sensation has also stirred up a fair share of critics, most of whom say it forces women to focus on body image in an unhealthy way. The trend has also drawn a number of clever spoofs, that have made a mockery of the phenomenon, and some have said that women seen in the photos are actually holding the piece of paper the wrong way. Can’t wait to see the next crazy body image social media meme, which should be coming along any day now, that Chinese women dream up next!

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