Study pinpoints type of fish women should avoid while pregnant

(Dominic Chavez/The New York Times)

Canned tuna is very high in mercury levels, a new study shows, and therefore, health experts are warning pregnant women to stay away from it. There’s no doubt fish is a great source of protein and essential oils, but the Environmental Working Group (EWG), citing data from its latest analysis, cautions that even FDA guidelines on which fish are safe for consumption by pregnant women are faulty. According to the FDA, women should avoid high-mercury fish, but the government agency includes canned tuna on its list of low-mercury fish. “It’s misleading to name canned light tuna as one of the low-mercury species that women are encouraged to eat,” Sonya Lunder, one of the report’s authors wrote in a statement. EWG, tracking the eating habits of 254 women and testing their hair for mercury levels, found that 30 percent of those women had been exposed to unhealthy levels of mercury. The report caught the attention of the FDA, which, according to a spokesperson, “will update our advice” on what types of food pregnant women should eat.

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