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Violated rights

Girl suspended after reporting rape takes middle school to court in Title IX case

By WITW Staff on March 17, 2016

A story on Buzzfeed released this week tells the story of G., a Haitian-American Brooklyn girl who reported being raped at 13 by a boy who filmed the encounter without her consent and shared the video with classmates. Both were eighth grade students at Spring Creek Community School, where administrators failed to protect the girl after she reported her rape to an employee and the principal, according to a suit filed with the New York City Department of Education in November 2015.

G.’s alleged rapist, also a minor, secretly filmed and shared the video – both crimes in New York. It took two weeks for G. to tell a school employee that the act was non-consensual. That employee broke state law by failing to report. A month later, G. reported the video and her rape to her principal. Police and a school resource officer asked G. why she did not fight the boy’s advances. She was kicked out of school indefinitely for fear that her presence would “make things worse” and then told by the principal that a “safety transfer” was set up on her behalf – an untruth that left G. and her mother, whose first language is French Creole, to navigate the system alone. With a good lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, G. has become one of four K-12 Title IX cases in the country. The girl “was de facto suspended for being a victim,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg claim that G.’s rights under Title IX were violated when the school, which receives federal funding, did not thoroughly investigate the claims and that G.’s right to an education was violated based on her sex. The United States Office for Civil Rights is investigating the claim, Buzzfeed reported.

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