Women take the lead in burgeoning cannabis industry in California

An employee at work with medical marijuana in Arcata, California. (Ramin Rahimian/The New York Times)

California’s growing pot industry is prompting many California businesswomen to leave the corporate world and find careers in the medical marijuana marketplace, according to San Francisco news station KGO. A networking group for female entrepreneurs working in the industry, Women Grow, draws hundreds of women to its events in the Bay Area. The purpose, according to organizers, is to help them connect and understand the tricky laws governing medical marijuana in the state and the possibility of voters legalizing recreational pot in this year’s election.

“There are not many industries that are female led, and in this setting up of a brand new multi-billion dollar industry, we saw an opportunity to let women lead where they have never led before,” organizer Jazmin Hupp said.

Andrea Unsworth, the owner of a cannabis delivery service in the San Francisco area, has an MBA in finance and worked at Moody’s before her current venture. She thought women were a perfect fit for the new industry.

“Women are natural healers,” Andrea Unsworth said. “We’re the people who are typically in your home when you are sick, you know you go to mom.”

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Female entrepreneurs are at the vanguard of the burgeoning cannabis industry

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