Apps for moms

Mobile apps used to improve maternal health care in developing nations

(REUTERS/Parth Sanyal)

Over 800 women globally die each day from preventable causes related to childbirth and pregnancy, and 99 percent of these women live in developing nations, according to the World Health Organization. This scourge of preventable deaths is largely the result of health care “deserts” — regions where accessing proper care is unrealistic due to travel time or financial cost. To provide greater access and education for both expectant mothers and health care providers, activists are harnessing mobile phones, which are often cheap and readily accessible in developing nations. Mobile health, often known by the abbreviation mHealth, uses mobile devices to enhance the practice of public health, providing information, facilitating consultation and supplementing care — all through apps on a phone.

Mashable has provided a list of 8 apps helping to revolutionize care for these expectant mothers. Some of them, such as GiftedMom in Cameroon and Nigeria, or maymay in Myanmar, use apps to provide health services and information to the mothers directly. Others, such as Safe Delivery in Ethiopia and Ghana, provide instructions and even videos to health workers on how to assist with challenges such as non-routine births. For mothers in health care “deserts,” these apps can prove the difference between a healthy birth, and a disastrous one.

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