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Pleasure principle

Female driven start-up launches smart sex toy for women

By WITW Staff on March 15, 2016

Lioness Inc is a largely female-led start-up, hoping to “disrupt” the sex toy market with a vibrator which uses learning and tracking technology to maximize a woman’s sexual enjoyment. The vibrator uses five different built-in sensors (including muscle response and body temperature) to record data on the body’s responses, offering the user specific insights on how to maximize enjoyment, as well as analyzing patterns in her sex drive/experiences, and data on health issues such as menstrual cycles, mood, and levels of stress. That data can also be shared with an intimate partner.

The largely female-driven start-up also employs a community manager, Betsy Rohney. She’s working with CEO and co-founder Liz Klinger to develop a virtual space where sex can talked about freely. “We wanted to create a community that can talk about these things and feel safe,” Rohney told the Berkeley News. “Where women can get reliable information that will help them explore themselves and really know what benefits them.”

And in case you were wondering if there really is a market for such a toy: their ongoing crowdfunding campaign has already reached 189 percent of its $50,000 goal.

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