Airline tells woman she’s too pregnant to fly home, by one day

(Screen grab via @7NewsSydney/Twitter)

A heavily pregnant woman was not allowed to board a flight home to Melbourne, Australia, on a Tigerair Australia flight on Sunday, despite having travelled the 440 miles to Sydney with the discount airline two days earlier. After not being allowed on the plane, Aileen Chand, 30, was forced to wait at bus stop for two hours alongside her husband and two-year-old son until friends arrived at Sydney airport to collect the family.

Chand obtained a medical certificate to fly to Sydney days earlier, but when she showed it to staff at the check-in desk was told she was too far along in her pregnancy to fly. “The staff suggested my son and husband fly back to Melbourne without me… it was horrible and clearly wrong that they wanted to separate a young family like that,” Chand told Yahoo7 on Monday.

The airline has defended its staff, saying that the airline’s pregnancy policy states passengers who are 30-34 weeks pregnant can fly with a medical certificate, but that the airline won’t fly pregnant women from the beginning of the 35th week. By the time of her return flight, Chand was one day into her 35th week. The airline is offering the family a full refund. Some competing airlines, such as Jetstar, allow women who are up to 40-weeks pregnant to fly.

Read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald.


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