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“Spoilt Modern Indian Woman” Facebook group uses memes to combat sexism

Spoilt Modern Indian Woman, a Facebook group that use memes to expose and mock sexism in Indian society, has attracted almost 15,000 likes since its inception last year. The group was co-founded by Sonam Mittal, who says she was inspired after being called a “spoilt modern Indian women” on social media in response to two blogs she wrote on Indian platform Youth Ki Awaaz. The posts detailed her alleged rape at the hands of a colleague, and an incident where she says she was molested at an Indian beach.

Spoilt Modern Indian Woman participants make fun of so-called “appropriate” female behavior. “I must go to the kitchen …it’s the only part of the house where I haven’t done electrical fittings yet,” reads one meme.

Spoilt Modern Indian Woman is the latest in a series of social media campaigns aimed at highlighting misogyny in Indian society. Last year, two women calling themselves Bombaebs went viral with #RapAgainstRape, a three-minute rap condemning sexual violence and hypocrisy in India that was made in direct response to the New Delhi gang rape and death of a student in 2012.

Last month, unmarried women in an Indian village were banned from using cell phones by elders out of fear that their flirtatious texting would cause the breakdown of their society.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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