Irate neighbor shoots one of China’s “dancing grannies” with air rifle

Women dance near a residential compound in Beijing on September 7, 2015. (GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

China’s “dancing grannies,” groups of middle-aged and elderly outdoor dance enthusiasts who crowd sidewalks, parks, and squares during mornings and often late into the night, have become a point of tension for neighbors who tire of the hours of throbbing disco-music, electro-folk tunes, and Bollywood-influenced dance numbers being blasted outside their homes. In the southern region of Guangxi, one such man, Mr. Mo, took out a small air rifle and shot a woman in the leg after a group of women dancing near his house mocked him when he asked them to quiet down, according to news reports on Friday. Mo told police he had meant to shoot the stereo speaker, but accidentally hit a woman operating the machine. A report from a news website in Guangxi indicated that Mo was also angry because the group refused to help lift his car after it became stuck near the square where they danced. Mo fled to the neighboring Guangdong Province, but was caught by police on Wednesday.

The incident is the latest in a growing list of cases of violence against the “dancing grannies.” In 2013, a man in Beijing fired his shotgun into the air and unleashed three Tibetan mastiffs to clear off dancers near his home. In Wuhan, neighbors dumped excrement onto a group of dancing ladies from a building.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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