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Topless activists pose for photographs at a "Free the Nipple" demonstration in New Hampshire. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

Free the nipple

New Hampshire continues to allow women to expose breasts and nipples in public

By WITW Staff on March 10, 2016

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire House rejected a bill that would make it a misdemeanor for a woman to expose her breasts or nipple in public — even after one male lawmaker said in December that women should be prepared for men to “grab” their breasts while going topless.

According to CBS News, the bill was considered to be a response to an incident last year wherein two women were cited for being topless at a beach (in a case that was thrown out) and the Free the Nipple movement. Opponents said it violates the Constitution for setting different standards for different genders, proponents said they were trying to protect families and children (…from body parts that helped give them life). The American Civil Liberties Union testified in defense of the woman’s right to bare in a brief that said, “In a state with an average temperature of only 46 degrees, the risk of rampant nudity seems rather low.”

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