Awkward accident

Self-proclaimed gun enthusiast shot in the back by her 4-year-old son


A 31-year-old woman from Florida who is an avowed gun advocate has reportedly been hospitalized after her 4-year-old son accidentally shot her in the back. According to reports, Jamie Gilt was driving her pickup truck on Tuesday when a sheriff’s deputy in Putnam County saw Gilt acting erratically while behind the wheel of the vehicle, which had been partially pulled onto the shoulder of the road. Deputies say they approached Gilt and she explained that her son, who was sitting in the back seat, fired the gun and the bullet went through the seat, into her back and exited through her abdomen. The deputies found a .45-caliber pistol in the backseat, which they say had been purchased legally. The young boy was not appropriately restrained in a child car seat. Gilt was rushed to the hospital and was reportedly in stable condition.

Gilt, from Jacksonville, is way into guns, as her social media footprint indicates. She runs a Facebook page dedicated to gun sense and is a fervent supporter of protecting the Second Amendment. The profile photo of her Twitter account depicts herself holding what appears to be a rifle alongside, presumably, her young son. In late January, she gleefully posted a photo on Twitter of her “new toy” — a .45 caliber handgun that she was excited to play with. Gilt’s Facebook page features several photos of her posing with guns (and horses; she also appears to be an equine enthusiast). Just two days before the accidental shooting, she trumpeted her 4-year-old boy’s prowess with a .22 in a comment on her Facebook page. In Florida, leaving a loaded firearm where children have access to it is a misdemeanor. It’s not clear whether she’ll be punished in a court of law, but she’s already being punished in the court of public opinion: Visitors to her Facebook page are heaping verbal punishment on her in the visitor’s posts section.

Read the full story at Mashable and The Associated Press.

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