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Philippines high court rules Grace Poe eligible for presidential run

Philippines senator Grace Poe. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

The Supreme Court in the Philippines ruled 9-6 this week that popular senator Grace Poe is eligible to run for president in the country. She was first disqualified by the Commission on Elections in December after complaints that Poe, who was adopted, was a United States citizen. According to the New York Times, as a baby in 1968, the Senator was left on a church doorstep in the Philippines only to be adopted by movie star Fernando Poe Jr.  She lived in the United States and obtained citizenship for a number of years, but returned to the nation of her birth and wowed the country in 2013, when she won her Senate seat with more than 20 million votes, more than any other candidate.

The Constitution of the Philippines states that a presidential candidate must be a “natural-born” citizen and a resident for 10 years. Though Poe has renounced her United States citizenship, accounts vary as to when her residency was established.

Filipino voters can now expect to see her in the race towards the election, which is scheduled for May 9.

Read the full story at the New York Times.


Frontrunner Grace Poe barred from Philippines’ presidential race

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