Girl, 15, who was raped and burned by stalker dies

The sister of an Indian girl who was raped and set on fire cries during the funeral in Greater Noida near the Indian capital New Delhi on March 9, 2016. (STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

A 15-year-old girl who was raped and set ablaze on Monday by a man believed to be her stalker died on Wednesday from injuries suffered in the brutal attack. The young girl, from a village outside of New Delhi, was brought to a hospital in the city with burns covering 95 percent of her body. Her family members reportedly discovered her burned and left for dead on the roof of their home. The girl’s father told authorities that the 20-year-old man who attacked her had been stalking her for months and that he’d filed a complaint with police, who in turn issued a warning to the man. The alleged perpetrator, whose named has not been released, was arrested and charged with rape, attempted murder, assault of a minor, and causing grievous injury. Following the young girl’s death, mourners were seen at her funeral carrying her body, which had been wrapped in a white shroud. News photos showed her mother and sisters overwhelmed with grief.

The brutal attack is yet another in a long string of sexual violence that has rocked India in recent months and years. Just last month, a woman was arrested after hacking off the penis of a man she says had been repeatedly sexually assaulting her. The man later committed suicide. India’s widespread rape problem was thrust into the global spotlight after the 2012 gang-rape of Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old physiotherapy student who was brutally attacked while on a bus, and later died from her injuries. A documentary, India’s Daughter, focusing on the tragic attack and its aftermath was subsequently banned by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leading to further controversy. Leslee Udwin, the filmmaker who directed India’s Daughter, has appeared on the stage at Women in the World events to discuss the problem.

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