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One year after detention, Li Tingting extends “gratitude” to Chinese government

It was one year ago that Li Tingting and her feminist cohorts were detained by the Chinese government for their plans to celebrate International Women’s Day with deeds of activism, distributing stickers and pamphlets about sexual harassment. The detainment caused a global stir, sparking the hashtag #FreeTheFive, and the activists have been monitored closely by the government ever since being released without charges. Tingting was held for 37 days and played the ukulele while police searched her home, Bustle reported.

To mark the anniversary this week, Tingting released a video statement via Facebook in which she expressed “gratitude” for the government for “pushing the feminist movement to another peak.”

“It was actually the first time that the international community knew that there are real feminists in China,” she explained. “Therefore, the connection between the feminists from China and the other countries was enhanced. As a matter of fact, the sisterhood of us five played a key role in the process of the action of anti-sexual harassment.” Tingting even poses like Rosie the Riveter in the post’s picture, with a bandana tied around her head. Watch her full remarks below:

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


China’s Feminist Five remain under police surveillance, push for case conclusion

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