Former extremist says family and social trouble can lead young women to join ISIS

Yasmin Mulbocus

Yasmin Mulbocus knows how difficult it is to convince young Muslim women in England that buying a plane ticket to Syria and joining ISIS is not the answer to their problems, and is not an honorable way to live their lives. She knows because 20 years ago, Mulbocus was part of an extremist group that propagated hate while making her feel included for the first time. Mulbocus now runs a group called Muslim Active Women Around Hounslow and counsels girls in London away from joining extremist groups by trying to understand the problems they are experiencing in their own lives.

“You have to deal with the issues that are bothering young people,” she said. “We live in a push-button world. If we don’t give them answers and alternatives, they’ll find it elsewhere.” Mulbocus says it was her own experience with sexual abuse and the foster care system that led her to seek out a group that accepted her and promised a better future. She now works with imams around London on ways to educate young women who seem to be having trouble fitting in or trouble at home. “What we need to do is work constantly, consistently, with these young people,” she said.

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