Was Bernie Sanders’ snap at Hillary Clinton sexist?

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One of the most discussed moments of Sunday’s Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, was when Bernie Sanders briefly lashed out at Hillary Clinton for interrupting him. In a move seen by some as condescending and sexist, Sanders snapped “Excuse me, I’m talking!” during a heated exchange with Clinton about the bailout of the auto industry (which he voted against). According to Buzzfeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro, after Sanders’ comment there were “audible groans in the press filing center near the debate site on the campus of the University of Michigan at Flint.” One of Clinton’s aides, Zerlina Maxwell, immediately tweeted “OH HELL NO” after the testy exchange, which was noticed by several other Twitter users as well:

One pro-Clinton group (“Correct the Record”) released a statement immediately after the debate calling it “a cringe worthy moment from Senator Sanders more fitting of the GOP debate stage than the Democratic one.” Many others did not find any fault in Sanders’ behavior, with people arguing that it was Clinton who was being rude for not letting the Vermont Senator finish his argument:

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