Chinese woman found dead in elevator 30 days after workers turn off power

Residential buildings in Xi'an, China. (REUTERS/Rooney Chen)

A Chinese woman was found dead in an elevator in the north-western city of Xi’an, thirty days after a building maintenance crew wrongly switched off the power without checking if there was anyone inside. According to Chinese authorities, workers found the woman’s body in the elevator when they returned for repairs after a month. The woman has been identified as 43-year-old resident of the building who was living alone, and while police do not suspect foul play, they have detained the maintenance crew for involuntary manslaughter. The incident sparked nationwide outrage in China, raising concerns not only about failing workplace safety standards but also about urban isolation and the safety of single women, given the fact that no one had reported the woman’s disappearance.

Read the full story at BBC.

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