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(Air India/Facebook)
(Air India/Facebook)

Sky high

Air India launching 23 all-women flights for International Women’s Day

By WITW Staff on March 7, 2016

Air India decided to celebrate International Women’s Day in a big way this year. On March 6, a crew of all women performed the longest flight of its kind from New Delhi to San Francisco, what the airline called “a record” on its Twitter page, NBC Bay Area reported.  “Women power soars high with #AirIndia,” another tweet read, showing the pilots and crew smiling. From the cockpit to the crew, women ran the AI 173 flight — but that was just the start.

OnTuesday, 22 more flights will have the same distinction, the company announced in an advertisement that reads “She’s the hero!” Using the hashtag #AISalutesWomen, Air India also showed crew members being honored for “inspiring service.”

Read the full story at NBC Bay Area.


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