Hospital struggles to live up to promise of promoting Israeli-Palestinian relations

Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center (Facebook)

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for its commitment to promoting Israeli-Palestinian coexistence, Hadassah Mount Scopus now faces challenges achieving its mission. The hospital’s delivery rate has dropped by 30 percent since October, when Palestinians stabbed and shot around 30 Israelis and Israelis killed around 180 Palestinians. Mount Scopus is now enveloped in an atmosphere of fear and mistrust as both Palestinian and Jewish women are reluctant to deliver their babies in a common hospital. Even women who previously delivered their babies at Mount Scopus are now avoiding the hospital’s maternity ward.

Director of OB-GYN at Mount Scopus, Dr. Drorit Hochner is eager, however, to reassure his patients. According to him, Palestinian women who don’t speak a word of Hebrew also come to Mount Scopus to deliver their babies because they trust the facility and its staff. At the same time, Hochner expresses her concerns over the future, which does not seem to favor the hospital’s mission of nurturing Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.

Read the full story at PRI.

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