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Military begins recruiting women for combat roles

(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A plan by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, obtained by AP, has revealed that the US military has already started to recruit women for combat jobs, including the Navy SEALS. Nevertheless, the plan shows that the armed forces are expecting only a few women to volunteer or make it through training: according to Marine Corps estimates, only 200 women each year will enter into ground combat jobs. The NAVY has started accepting submission packages from female SEAL candidates last month and said it could see women enlisted and in officer training by September or October. All military services had already began making changes to their facilities to accommodate women and would monitor any issues with training, injury assessments, and possible sexual assault or harassment. While the plans had not yet been made public, Carter said on Thursday he “accepted” the recommendations from the different military services and is expected to sign a memo to implement the plan soon.

Read the full story at CBS.


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