In new campaign for Hillary Clinton, Emily’s List targets young female millennials

(Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Emily’s List, the largest women’s political group in the United States, is backing Hillary Clinton and starting a new movement, #Sheswithus, featuring young women talking online about why they support Clinton. Emily’s List hopes that these testimonials, the first of which went live Thursday on Medium, help Clinton appeal to young female millennials — a key demographic that opponent in the democratic primary, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has attracted, even in states he’s lost.

Single women are such a powerful voting force that if they voted in the same numbers during 2014 midterm elections as they did during the 2012 presidential election, Democrats would have won both the Senate and House. In 2008, Clinton lost women in 16 states to Obama due to millennial support. Emily’s List has also put out a political ad that tries to appeal to young female millennials by reminding them that Hillary will fight Republicans for the right to choose.

And, in news that bodes well for Clinton, were Trump to secure the Republican nomination, an Emily’s List sponsored poll found that 86 percent of single women voters wouldn’t vote for someone who called women “bimbos.”

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