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Anne-Marie Slaughter: To further liberate women, liberate men

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Anne-Marie Slaughter, professor, best-selling author, and former White House advisor, says that the gender revolution has liberated women from their traditional roles, but to move forward the same has to be done for men. Slaughter, who in 2012 famously penned an article for The Atlantic titled, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” spoke with Australian television program Lateline about what’s changed for women since her article was published.

“We’ve liberated women essentially to be men, to do the work that men have traditionally done, and in the process we’ve devalued the work that women traditionally did; the work of care, the work of nurturing,” argues Slaughter. “We now have to focus somewhat paradoxically on men and on valuing that work of care, whether women or men do it.”

Slaughter, speaking from her own experience of raising a son, says she believes men are conditioned to believe their “role in life is to have a career and support a family,” and that consciously and unconsciously men are told by society to put their role as a breadwinner above all else, including caring for and spending time with their families. The solution, says Slaughter, is to encourage a more balanced approach, to see men who care about their careers but still put family first as “pioneers, just as much as Germaine Greer or Betty Friedan or Gloria Steinem.”

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