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Gyulchekhra Bobokulova. (VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)


Nanny accused of murdering child cites “revenge” for Syrian airstrikes

By WITW Staff on March 3, 2016

A nanny who is accused of decapitating a 4-year-old girl in her care, and brandishing the child’s head at a Moscow subway station, has stated she was avenging the deaths of Muslims in the Russian campaign in Syria. In a YouTube video, widely circulated via social media on Thursday, 38-year-old Gulchekhra Bobokulova told an interviewer she had “taken revenge against those who themselves spilled blood,” citing Vladimir Putin and the Russian bombing campaign. “Why are Muslims being killed? They also want to live,” she said.

The source of the video was unclear, although the location matched an earlier video published on the LifeNews tabloid, and she is seen wearing the same pinafore and tracksuit she had worn during a Wednesday court hearing.

Bobokulova was apprehended on Monday, after roaming near the entrance to an underground train station for around 20 minutes, only producing and holding the child’s head aloft, while shouting, after she was approached for her identity papers. A makeshift memorial for the child has since been erected at the entrance to the subway station.

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While a Kremlin spokesman says the incident was initially unreported because the details were too shocking for television, speculation has persisted that the Kremlin repressed the story out of concern about a backlash against Muslims, as well as discourse over whether Russia’s intervention in Syria has made it a greater terrorism target.

Uzbek police were quoted in mass-circulation Moskovsky Komsomolets daily as saying Bobokulova had been suffering from schizophrenia for more than a decade. In the earlier video interview published by LifeNews, she said she had recently broken up with her partner of 12 years in Uzbekistan, because he had taken a second wife.

Bobokulova pleaded guilty during a Wednesday courtroom hearing.

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