Erin Andrews says ESPN forced her to give interview about “peephole” incident

(Getty Images)

While testifying in her civil suit against a Nashville hotel where she was filmed undressing through a peephole by a stalker, Erin Andrews revealed that her employer ESPN forced her to discuss the incident on national TV before allowing her back on air. The video of a naked Andrews was posted online in July 2009, and nearly three months later her stalker Michael David Barrett was arrested and sentenced to 30 months in prison. Fighting back tears throughout the testimony, the journalist (now working for Fox) said that everyone — including ESPN — at first believed the video was a publicity stunt. She said that her employer told her to give a “sit-down interview,” highly recommending it be on Good Morning America, before she could go back on air, but that she ultimately decided to tell her story on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Andrews testified that the interview was so stressful that she broke out in a rash and was “hysterical,” even though Winfrey managed to make her feel somewhat at ease. After being coerced into doing the interview, Andrews was allowed to go back to work. Watch footage of her emotional testimony below:

Read the full story at Deadspin.

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