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German chancellor Angela Merkel (PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Staying tough

Merkel says there’s no Plan B, will do her “damn duty” on refugee crisis

By WITW Staff on February 29, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that there is no “Plan B” for handling the refugee crisis in Europe, warning that the continent needs to find a collective way to fix the issue. As more European countries are imposing border controls, it is feared that up to 70,000 refugees hoping to travel further north will end up stranded on Greece’s borders over the next couple of days, which Merkel says would pose an enormous challenge to the economically depressed country: “Do you seriously believe that all the Euro states that last year fought all the way to keep Greece in the Eurozone — and we were the strictest — can one year later allow Greece to, in a way, plunge into chaos?” she told public broadcaster ARD. The Chancellor also said there is no “Plan B,” meaning she will not revert course on her welcome policy and will keep Germany’s borders open. Merkel continues to refuse to limit the amount of refugees her country will allow in, urging the European Union to find a collective solution: “Sometimes, I also despair. Some things go too slow. There are many conflicting interests in Europe,” she told ARD. “But it is my damn duty to do everything I can so that Europe finds a collective way.” The refugee crisis has deeply divided the continent and sunk the once unshakeable Chancellor’s approval ratings. She is now focusing her hope on talks between European Union leaders and Turkey on March 7 and a migration summit on March 18-19.

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