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Amy Pascal vows to put more women on screen, says Hollywood “geared for women to fail”

(Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Variety)

In an interview with the Sunday Times, former Sony film boss Amy Pascal, who was forced to resign after the infamous email hacking scandal last year, condemned the way women are treated in Hollywood and vowed to put more women on screen herself. “The lack of female directors is a travesty … For a woman to make a movie in Hollywood you have to go through so much rejection,” she told the newspaper. “There is this mountain to climb with the whole system geared for women to fail in films,” said Pascal, adding that the problem is that it’s mostly men who do the hiring in the industry.

Pascal also discussed the lack of good roles for women in film, saying that for far too long women had to play inconsequential parts which had “little or nothing to do with the story that was being told.” She said she hoped to approach this differently with her new production company, Pascal Pictures: “You really also had to convince the studio that stories about women would work. I’m now determined to put more women on screen -– female protagonists where there are consequences to their actions. And I will make more films relevant to women.” The new company is already planning several women-driven projects, including a remake of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women and a movie about the Barbie doll, which is “all about female empowerment,” according to the executive: “In fact she was the first doll who was about having a career.”

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