“Shady Ladies”

Dr. Ruth gives impromptu sex ed lesson while touring the Met

Leave it to 88-year-old Dr. Ruth Westheimer to chime in about sexual arousal in art while on a tour of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art! Artnet reports that the sex therapist was on a museum tour entitled “Shady Ladies of the Metropolitan Museum” with Andrew Lear, who provides gay-themed tours of art museums internationally, when she was filmed commenting on Gustave Courbet’s “Woman with a Parrot” (exhibited first in 1886). “How do I know that [the woman in the painting is] aroused?” Westheimer is shown asking in the video. “Because her nipples are erect, which is an important lesson to be taught.”

Of Lear’s tours, Westheimer encouraged others to take their time. “Don’t rush it. Have a cup of coffee before,” she said.

Read the full story at Artnet.

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