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University fires professor who confronted reporters during protest


Melissa Click, an assistant communications professor at the University of Missouri who caused controversy after a video of her pushing a student reporter covering protests and calling for some “muscle” went viral, has been fired. On Wednesday night, the board of curators from the university voted 4-2 on her termination, after reviewing the results of an extensive investigation into her conduct. “The board believes that Dr. Click’s conduct was not compatible with university policies and did not meet expectations for a university faculty member,” Paul Henrickson, chair of the board wrote in a statement. “The circumstances surrounding Dr. Click’s behavior, both at a protest in October when she tried to interfere with police officers who were carrying out their duties, and at a rally in November, when she interfered with members of the media and students who were exercising their rights in a public space and called for intimidation against one of our students, we believe demands serious action.”

The board acknowledged Click’s defense, as she had claimed in a letter that her behavior should be seen in the context of the “challenging and volatile” environment at the protests, but ruled that it was nevertheless “wrongful and unjustified” for her to have pushed away a student from the protesters. In an earlier interview with KIAB, Click said she believed she had been made a symbol: “I think it’s easier to to express anger at a woman who got flustered and made a mistake than to really engage with the deep racial issues raised by the students.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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