Nothing Left Unsaid

Gloria Vanderbilt interviewed by her son, Anderson Cooper, in new HBO documentary

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

A new documentary from HBO, Nothing Left Unsaid, examines the life of Gloria Vanderbilt, an artist, author, heiress, and socialite, through interviews with her son, anchorman and war correspondent Anderson Cooper. A Vanderbilt heiress, Gloria inherited a $5 million trust fund at just 18 months old. As a minor, the rights to control the trust belonged to Vanderbilt’s mother, a glamorous bisexual socialite, but Vanderbilt’s aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, founder of the Whitney Museum in New York, disapproved of her sister’s lush spending. Whitney successfully sued and won custody of Vanderbilt when the child was only 10. At age 20, Gloria would marry her second husband, Leopold Stokowski, the classical conductor of Fantasia fame, just a week after meeting him. They would have two children together, one of whom would cut off all contact with Vanderbilt for 40 years.



Vanderbilt also acted in several TV series, had a career as an artist, and made numerous successful ventures in the fashion business. In preparation for the documentary, Cooper had a friend teach her to use email so they could stay in better touch. “Those emails changed our relationship, bringing us closer than either of us thought possible,” Cooper says. “It’s the kind of conversation that I think many parents and grown children would like to have, but we tend to put it off, holding on to old issues and old ways of interacting. I didn’t want there to be anything left unsaid between us.”

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