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Stunning photos of women in labor aim to shatter anxiety around childbirth

(courtesy Angela Gallo)

Childbirth, according to artist and photographer Angela Gallo, is a beautiful experience. Gallo, an Australian doula who began taking stark, often black-and-white photos of women in the midst of giving birth, was just awarded an International Association of Birth Photographers Honorable Mention award for her work capturing the “transformative” experience of childbirth. The images show women on hospital tables and in tubs, holding hands or being held by partners, and bonding with their newborns.

“Birth, to me, is one of life’s truest ‘human’ experiences,” she said. “To be able to capture those few moments where a baby can exist between two worlds, and where I can play a part in a room thick with some seriously powerful energy and love. It is literally a dream.”

(courtesy Angela Gallo)

(courtesy Angela Gallo)

Gallo is a mother of two and says she hopes that her images will show the beauty of birth and help allay the anxieties around it. She hopes her next project will be traveling around photographing various cultures’ experiences of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, according to The Huffington Post.

“I want every expecting mama who finds these images, to think, ‘Oh, hold on. This isn’t the birth I usually see. Maybe I don’t need to be afraid. Maybe I can do things differently. Maybe there is a better way,’” she said.

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Had so much fun entering a few of my favourite images into this years International Association of Birth Photographers 2016 Awards! Here is a super special one of @tiarna_21 as she laboured like a goddess in January of last year. Her birth inspired me artistically in a thousand different ways and I am forever grateful she let me share these intimate images publicly. #womenwombwarrior #women #angelagallo #wombwarrior #bliss #birth #birthworker #childbirth #choicesinchildbirth #waterbirth #waterbaby #hypnobirthing #birthphotography #birthwithoutfear #photographer #photooftheday #doula #documentary @carriagehousebirth @birthwithoutfear @birth_photography #melbourne #morningtonpeninsula Isn't she stunning? AND an amazing mother on top of it!!!

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To see more of Angela’s work, visit her website and check out her book project Diaries of a Globetrottin’ Doula.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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