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“Rapetown USA”

Samantha Bee’s latest segment takes on sexual harassment in the workplace

February 24, 2016

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has put together an “encouraging” video for young girls with career ambitions, humbly titled: “Samantha Bee’s #ROAR, You-Go-Girl Job Fair for Future Women. Lean In!” In the segment, Bee shows clips of young girls describing their dream jobs, before Bee weighs in herself with some realities about life for women in the workplace. Bee relates how female park rangers made headlines when they alleged they’d endured sexual harassment by male co-workers who would deny them food, or place ammunition cans full of human excrement outside their tents if they refused them sex. Bee shares interviews with former female cruise-ship employees, who describe pervasive harassment and indifferent management — one woman summed up her experience working on a cruise as, “Rapetown, USA.” And in Bee’s own area of expertise, the comedy business, female comedians are starting Facebook groups and websites to share their experiences of harassment and rape in the New York, Chicago, and L.A. comedy scenes. “Right now I’m picturing some guy saying, ‘Ugh, what am I supposed to do, stop asking women out at work because it makes them uncomfortable?'” asks Bee, pausing for dramatic effect. “Yes,” she says. “You are at work.”

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