Mark Zuckerberg’s inaugural Year of Books included only three female authors

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

More women than men use Facebook, the social networking giant founded by Mark Zuckerberg. And so it’s at least plausible that more women on the site participated in Zuckerberg’s inaugural year of his online book club, A Year of Books, in which he and others read about culture, history, religions, and technology throughout the year. But out of the 23 books Zuckerberg chose to read with his online following, only a handful of them — fewer than 15 percent — were written by women, a fact disparaged today by some in the media who called for greater diversity in the CEO’s future lists.

Zuckerberg’s  “A Year of Books” reading group included such wide-ranging tomes as a 1377 text by an Islamic historian, a 19th century religious text by William James, and the 2014 Henry Kissinger book “World Order.” But only three of the books are written by women: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, On Immunity by Eula Bliss, and Portfolios of the Poor, co-written by Orlanda Ruthven with three male co-authors. The disparity in the list is an unusual misstep for Zuckerberg, who has shown careful attention to questions of gender in the past, including becoming the first male CEO of his stature to take paternity leave, posting photos of his diaper changing duties as a new dad, and gently nudging a grandmother on Facebook to encourage her granddaughters to become inventors, rather than try to date inventors, in school.

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