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British “Ebola nurse” readmitted to the hospital for the third time

Pauline Cafferkey enters an isolation tent at Glasgow Airport on February 23, 2016. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Pauline Cafferkey, who became globally known as the “ebola nurse” after she contracted the disease in Sierra Leone over a year ago, has been readmitted to the hospital for the third time since her return to the UK. The 39-year old nurse was transported to the Royal Free Hospital in London from Glasgow because of a “late complication from her previous infection with ebola” and is now in stable condition. While she was originally declared free from the infection and released from the hospital in January 2015, she was readmitted in October as the virus had lingered in her brain and caused meningitis which nearly killed her. While there is no reason to worry that the virus might return to the U.K., the continued complications show that ebola is more complex than previously thought and has lasting effects even months after an initial recovery. “It seems that some of the ongoing health problems with people’s eyes, joints and hair loss are actually caused not by the after-effects of Ebola, but by the small amounts of Ebola which is still residing somewhere in the body,” Dr. Ben Neuman, a virologist at the University of Reading, told BBC Radio Scotland. “It’s surprising and we’re just learning how to deal with this.”

Read the full story at The Guardian and The Independent.


Scottish nurse recovers from Ebola for the second time

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