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Thai princess has $40,000 toilet built for her visit to Cambodia

(Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand is getting a very royal treatment on her three day visit to the neighboring country of Cambodia: a toilet overlooking the Yeak Lom Lake, built specifically for the occasion, with a $40,000 price-tag (or about 66 times the average annual salary of a regular Cambodian.) According to the Cambodia Daily, the outhouse was constructed in 19 days by Thai building firm SCG Cement-Building Materials, which flew in materials and contractors from Thailand especially for its construction. Once the princess leaves the country, the toilet will be thrown out and the building will become an office for local officials, since “normal people can’t use a [royal] toilet,” as a manager for the firm told The Guardian. The story is particularly jarring when you know that many people in Cambodia lack access to basic sanitary facilities: according to the World Toilet Organization, 69 percent of people in rural Cambodia still have to practice open defecation, and 33 percent of schools in the country have no toilet facilities, according to the country’s Ministry of Education.

Read the full story at Mashable and The Guardian.

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