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Media professor who told journalist he couldn’t cover protest “embarrassed and sorry”

(screen grab)

During the height of the protests over racism at the University of Missouri in the fall of 2015, a communications professor was caught on video calling for “some muscle” to help evict a student reporter from the protest area. That professor, Melissa Click, was widely criticized for impeding press freedom by telling the journalist he could not film the protests, grabbing for his camera, and calling for others to get rid of him. She was also charged with misdemeanor assault and suspended from teaching.

“When I watch it, I am embarrassed and sorry,” Click told The New York Times in her first interview since the incident went viral online last year. The  interview is part of a larger image-rehabilitation campaign aided by a public relations firm, according to the paper. “I try to remember that’s only one moment of a full day, and only one moment in a 12-year career,” she said.

The student reporter who captured the footage, Mark Schierbecker, said that he felt she had “a lot to own up to” that had not yet been covered by her apologies.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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