Toledo tattoo artist turns scars into something beautiful

Brian Finn, a tattoo artist in Toledo, Ohio, and, on his days off from work, he still spends time in the tattoo parlor giving tattoos free of charge to people with scars caused due to trauma suffered in domestic violence incidents and cases of human trafficking. Finn believes that if he were to charge these clients for his services, many people who want the tattoos would be prohibited from getting them. Finn’s main cost of making the tattoos for people is his time, but he says that improving someone’s life helps him “sleep a little better at night.”

Finn gave Maddie Keating, who read about his endeavor in the Toledo City Paper, a stylized black-and-white rose tattoo on her left forearm to cover up scars from her self-inflicted wounds. According to Keating, getting the tattoo was like coming full circle. Earlier, she endured the physical pain of harming herself because of her emotional state. Then, she endured a little temporary physical discomfort for “something really beautiful.”

Read the full story at NPR.


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