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Demonstrators supporting Everytown march in Washington. (Zach Gibson/The New York Times)

“Singled Out”

Gun control group Everytown finds allies in young women

By WITW Staff on February 20, 2016

A prominent gun control group is looking to mobilize young women as advocates in their fight for stricter regulations of firearms. The “Everytown for Gun Safety” group has partnered with Cosmopolitan magazine to launch the “Singled Out” campaign, which urges women to talk about gun safety in the context of their relationships. Singled Out also released a video showing a woman rolling her eyes at a “gunsplainer,” or “a man who repeatedly and condescendingly explains to a woman why she’d be safer if she had a gun.” In addition to their collaboration with Cosmopolitan, Everytown has been encouraging women to rally in support of laws that would close the so-called “Boyfriend Loophole” — a gap in legislation that allows domestic abusers to purchase guns if they were not married to or living with their victims.

At a recent panel in New York City, Everytown members highlighted recent investigations demonstrating that intimate partner violence is a leading cause of gun deaths among women. And to show how effective young women can be at mobilizing change, they pointed to the activism of Jessica Jin, a 25-year-old University of Texas at Austin alumnae. When it was announced that a new Texas state law will permit the concealed carrying of guns on university campuses, Jin launched a Facebook event urging students to carry dildos to class. She intended the “Campus Dildo Carry” protest to be a joke, but more than 10,000 people have said they will attend the event.

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