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Emma Watson and bell hooks discuss feminism and the power of books

As a part of Paper magazine’s ‘Girl Crush’ series, noted feminist author bell hooks joined actress Emma Watson in conversation to discuss their mutual admiration for one another, the aging process (hooks, 63, calls getting older an “exciting time”), the stereotypes of feminist women and how books led both of the women to enlightenment. It’s a compelling chat — we recommend you read the whole conversation at Paper — but here are a few takeaways:

Watson, on her HeforShe United Nations speech: “My UN speech was received really well, but by the people that it’s critiqued by, they said it’s so basic. It doesn’t go into the important things. I don’t know if it’s really understood how much misunderstanding and how little understanding there is around this word — and around these ideas — still for a huge amount of people.” hooks then described Watson’s speech as “a shout out to females and males all over the world,” one that bridges a gap between language and culture to explain a broad idea in simple terms. Watson – who just started a feminist book club – said she learned about academic feminism from hook’s Feminism is for Everybody.

“Reading and studying is one of my deepest passions in life,” hooks said. “I felt from the moment I met you — in terms of how a girl crush forms, it’s one of the ways our spirits resonate — that we think and dream about similar passions, and that’s exciting.”

The pair agrees that self-love and literacy would be the two things they’d give women around the world to help push toward a vision of female liberation.

Read the full conversation at Paper.

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