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An HIV positive patient rests in a bed as she receive medical care in Kampala, Uganda. (Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

Against their will

Reports of forced sterilization of HIV-positive women emerge in Uganda

February 19, 2016

A survey conducted by the International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS Eastern Africa (ICWEA) reports that of the 744 women living with HIV who were surveyed across nine districts in Uganda, at least 72 had been sterilized. Twenty of those women were coerced or forced to participate in the procedure, some women finding out years later when they tried to have another child, according to All Africa. Some of the most recent sterilizations occurred in 2014, said ICWEA executive director Lillian Mworeko. “It seems like forced sterilization is a widespread practice with incentives to health workers. The community mobilization for these long-term methods is so high and supported by some organizations. It is like bring women, let them be sterilized and the health worker gets money,” she said.

Scientific research has shown that HIV-positive women can deliver HIV-negative children, but policies do not yet reflect the data.

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