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Bernie and Jane Sanders on the campaign trail. (David McNew/Getty Images)
Bernie and Jane Sanders on the campaign trail. (David McNew/Getty Images)

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Get ready to see more of Jane Sanders on the 2016 campaign trail

By WITW Staff on February 19, 2016

Jane Sanders has long been Bernie Sanders’s “most trusted adviser,” going all the way back to when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont. And as his once long-shot campaign has gathered momentum, on the heels of his huge win in the New Hampshire Primary, the senator’s wife Jane has gradually been expanding her public profile within the campaign. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been involved every step of the way. Jane has weighed in on many of the smallest details, and has been a counterbalance to her husband when the situation calls for it. As she put it in an interview with The Associated Press, she adds a “little less doom and gloom and a little more hope” than her husband sometimes outwardly shows. Indeed, just last week, Jane made an appearance on HuffPost Live to respond to controversial remarks made by Madeleine Albright, for which the former secretary of state later issued an apology.

And as the campaign moves through crucial contests like the Nevada Caucus, the South Carolina Primary and Super Tuesday, expect to see more of Sanders’s better half making solo appearances — but don’t expect her to see her slinging any mud. She said, unlike the spouse of her husband’s rival is sometimes prone to doing, she’s not going to unleash any negative attacks. “I’m not going to put down Bill or Hillary,” Jane said. “I’m going to talk about what Bernie is proposing for the country, who he is as a person.”

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