“Not a role model”

Caitlyn Jenner says she gets more “flak” for being Republican than for being trans

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Caitlyn Jenner says that despite the criticism she’s received since coming out as transgender last year, what’s been hardest for people to accept is that she’s a Republican. While speaking at a University of Pennsylvania event on Wednesday night, Jenner was asked by a student why she isn’t a Democrat, given the party’s embrace of marriage equality and LGBT rights. “I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,” responded Jenner according to Billy Penn, a local Philadelphia news website. “Just because you change gender doesn’t mean you change your core beliefs,” elaborated Vanity Fair’s Buzz Bissinger, who is working on a biography of Jenner and served as interviewer for the event. When asked to reply to criticism that she didn’t fit the profile of a role model, Jenner replied, “Well, I’m not a role model! I’m so new to this community I don’t expect to be one.” Jenner was also questioned at the event about using the transition process to cash in, an accusation that she dismissed.

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