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Candid answers

Woman brought to tears by footage she’s shown in viral video

By WITW Staff on February 18, 2016

A hot chocolate ad from a Japanese company has gone viral racking up more than 1.7 million views on YouTube as of this writing — but, really, the only connection the commercial has to hot chocolate is the warm feeling it will give you inside. The spot, which runs nearly four minutes, features working moms being interviewed on camera about balancing parenthood and work. Several of the mothers speak candidly about what they perceive as some of their parental shortcomings that are rooted in their dual role as a mom and employee. Then, the producers of the commercial turn the tables and hand the women a tablet device and headphones. On the device, the women watch footage of their children answering questions about their moms — and this is where you might need to grab a tissue. The answers they give are just as candid as their mothers’ replies seen earlier, and they speak to the special bond mothers share with their children. It’s a great concept for a viral video — though not a totally original one — and by the time you finish it, you’ll completely forget what product is being hawked. Watch it above.

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