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Senators say Hillary Clinton is being brought down by sexism

(Isaac Brekken/The New York Times)

Lena Dunham isn’t the only one saying Hillary Clinton is being subjected to sexism and an unfair double standard. Several women in the U.S. Senate are now also making similar observations. Comments made recently on MSNBC by two men have reignited the issue. During a recent appearance on the cable network’s Morning Joe, Washington Post columnist and journalism legend Bob Woodward said, “She shouts. There’s something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating.” Joe Scarborough the host of the show piled on the former secretary of state. “I was watching her and I said to myself, ‘Has nobody told her how the microphone works?'” Scarborough remarked.

Women senators have been discussing the issue behind closed doors for a while, but Barbara Mikulski of Maryland spoke out publicly, saying, “She’s often judged by a double standard. Many of we women feel that there’s a double standard. What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries. You’re too loud, you’re too aggressive, you’re too pushy.” Mikulski suggested that men on Capitol Hill are also perturbed at the sexism Clinton is subjected to. And she didn’t mince words when asked about her thoughts on Woodward’s commentary. “I think Woodward ought to stick to judging foreign policy rather than the tone and tenor of women’s voices. His analysis is really dated,” she said.

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