“Illegal assembling”

American reporter Anna Therese Day charged and released in Bahrain


American reporter Anna Therese Day, who has reported in the past for Women in the World, was detained on Sunday along with at least three other journalists in Bahrain, after being arrested on the anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising and charged with illegally assembling with the intent to commit a crime. The 27-year old reporter had been detained along with her camera crew, as in officials claimed one of them was “wearing a mask and participating in attacks on police alongside rioters in Sitra,” but a spokesperson for Day’s family denies they were in any way “involved in illegal behavior or anything other than journalistic activities.”

“At least some of the arrestees were in the country as members of the international media but had not registered with the concerned authority and were involved in illegal activities,” the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.



A spokesperson for Day’s family said: “Anna and her crew are committed journalists who only want to ensure they could undertake their profession ethically and thoroughly. The allegation that they were in any way involved in illegal behavior or anything other than journalistic activities is impossible.”

The four journalists were questioned and let go from custody after international pressure for their release, but it was not immediately clear if they were allowed to leave the tiny island kingdom off Saudi Arabia.

Day is a 27-year old award-winning freelance journalist, who has worked extensively in the Middle East, previously reporting on the Arab Spring from Egypt’s Tahrir Square, and since then had reported  from within Syria. Her team hasn’t been identified, but the Associated Press is reporting that they are all American citizens.

Read the full story at The Daily Beast and International Business Times.

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