Here are a few of the ridiculous laws men have created to protect women


In advance of major Supreme Court decision about abortion next month, Cosmo has pulled together a list of some outlandish laws men have enacted with the intention of protecting women.

The list ranged from as far back as colonial America when politician and judge William Blackstone pushed this gem thorough: “legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage” to the mid 20th century when women were considered “too delicate to hear courtroom proceedings” as members of juries. (Blackstone was responsible for that one as well, citing women’s “defect of sex,” or as he made it known in Latin, “propter defectum sexus.”)

Another doozy was that the concept of marital rape didn’t exist for quite a long time. It was only in 1986 that the federal government made it illegal, but that only counted in incidents occurring on publicly-owned land. In 1993, marital rape was outlawed in all 50 states when North Carolina finally gave in, although 13 states still make exceptions for it today.

For the rest of the mind-bending laws, read the full story at Cosmopolitan.


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